A Guide to coloured gemstones

The gemstones are used in different ornaments to enhance its look. Coloured gemstones are precious stones with unique colours, stories and several healing properties. Approximately 200 natural gems are known in the world today and they are available in every colour of the rainbow. Gemstones get their unique look and colouring based on how they absorb the light and it is transferred through them. There are various coloured gemstones like Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl and Ruby. Following guide wil tell you about various gemstones and their properties. 



Moonstones come in a variety of colours and ranges from colorless to gray, brown, yellow, green and pink, while its clarity ranges from transparent to translucent. A moonstone with a blue sheen. Perfect clarity and a colourless body colour can be considered as the best moonstone. Ancient Romans were of the belief that it was formed from frozen moonlight. 

Sometimes, Moonstone have an eye as well as sheen. In the rainbow moonstone, the sheen is a variety of rainbow hues. Fine Moonstone is becoming very rare now-a-days. It is usually mined in Sri Lanka and Southern India. Moonstone beads are also attractive and they complement the balck dress very well. 



Aquamarine suggests a stunning pastel sky blue or bright color of the seas. The gemstones also sparkle like the sea and it’s name is also derived from sea water. This gemstone symbolizes youth, health, fidelity and hope. The gemstone is also said to embody eternal life. It is also considered as a great anniversary gift. 


These gemstones are found in range of blues, pale pastel to a greenish-blue to a deep color. Darker shades of bluer are rare and they have a great value to them. A interesting fact about the gemstone is that if anybody have a dream of Aquamarine it means that he will meet new friends. With their subtle colour and sparkling nature, they are a popular alternative to white diamonds in engagement and wedding jewelry. 



Pearls are the only gemstones formed by a living organism and are considered to be world’s oldest precious stones. Throughout the history of mankind , they are the most admired gemstones. Persian mythology termed them as “tears of the gods,” while according to a Chinese legend moon held the power to create pearls. 


Colour of the cultured pearls ranges from pale cream and white to rose, lilac, green, gold, gray and black. There are four main types of namely Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater . Pearls can be worn almost everyday and can complement the most formal attire. 


Rubies represent courage, passion, love and emotion. For centuries, they are considered the king of all gems. They are also considered to bring good fortune to their owner. They have been believed to protect soldiers in the battle once. Also, they have been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages.


The most valuable colour of ruby is usually “a Burmese Ruby” — a rich, passionate, hot, full red color with a slight blue hue. 



Citrine is a bright shining gem. It is also said to be a gift from sun. The colour of the gemstone ranges from  juicy yellow to a bright orange-brown. During the ancient time, the gemstone was used as protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. It is now known as the merchant’s stone and is associated with success and prosperity. 


Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones and the plus is it is very affordable. It is available in wide ranges of sizes and shapes but are used as big, bold statement piece mostly.

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