Top 5 Jewellery trends to follow this Akshay Tritiya

In India, we tend to value our tradition more than anything else. Our culture holds all the things together, whatever we do we try to associate a meaning to it through our traditions. In the Indian calendar, there are there to four days that are considered to be very auspicious to buy new things. On these special days, there is special importance given to ” Akshay Tritiya”. It’s a very auspicious day to buy new things, traditionally buying gold or jewellery is preferred as a symbol of buying good things on this important day. Peoplee tend to either buy melted gold which they can use later or jewellery pieces. What are the current jewellery trends which you can buy on Akshay Tritiya? Let’s have a look. 

Delicate Bracelets for Millennials –

Although it’s a traditional occasion the choices of jewellery are changing with time and the lifestyle of women of the millennial generation. These bracelets could go with casual attire as well as traditional ones and it’s something which doesn’t seem too much as it adds on to your looks. 

Evergreen traditional Gold Earrings-

There are a few things that remain relevant over some time they don’t go out of fashion. Golden earring is the evergreen jewellery that has been in trend for a long time and will continue to do so in near future. So these earrings are also their trending jewellery for the special day of Akshay Tritiya.

Make your fashion statement – statement jewellery

There are two types of jewellery pieces, one that comes with a grand presence and immediately attracts everyone’s attention like diamond rings or gold necklaces but there are other kinds of jewellery as well. These are the ones that complement your dresses, a choker, button pieces earrings, or floral pieces which go so perfectly with romantic dresses. After all, even if we are buying this jewellery on a festive day, it still can be modern and trendy.

Choker necklaces with classic attires-

It’s important to identify that one piece of jewellery doesn’t need to be presented in a certain manner while wearing a  certain type of dress. Something like choker necklaces which were seen as old-fashioned a few years back is now making a comeback into the fashion industry. These necklaces are very popular amongst brides and bridesmaids. This jewellery with traditional dresses makes a perfect look, this is something that most people are looking to have to keep catching up with the trend.

Shine your way into the night with Diamonds –


Diamonds are the most prestigious symbols of class and serenity. They will forever be the go-to option when someone goes to buy something to gift their loved ones. Diamond necklace or rings doesn’t need to be associated with certain occasions they can make you shine in any situation. If you are looking to add a bit of glitter to your style then Diamond jewellery is your life partner.

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