6 Trending jewelry designs to accessorize your Kurti

Kurtis are one of the most loved ethnic wear by Indian women. Also kurtis are not associated with any occasion and it can be worn on formal as well as informal events. Women love to wear kurtis because of the simple reason that they not only look beautiful but they are also comfortable in the outfit. 

To make these kurtis look even more beautiful they are matched with different kinds of jewelry. Some wear heavy jewelry while some prefer a sober piece. However, there are some jewelry designs that can convert these simple-looking kurtis into something more stunning and trendier. 


In this article we will be looking at some of the best jewelry designs to match with the kurtis



The spell of the Jhumaks is irresistable. A pair of jhumka can make you look gorgeous instantly. They are the traditional earring and are usually worn with ethinic outfits. These ornaments look pretty with kurtis and the only task for you will be to find a pair of jhumka matching with most of kurtis you have.



Small and super cute studs are always a reliable option to wear with kurtis. The combination of kurti and studs produces a beautiful and elegant vibe. So, to look beautiful and super cute , jst wear the studs and you will impress the people around. 


Bangle Bracelets

These are one of the underrated pieces of jewelry you can find. A good silver bangle bracelet can go with any coloured kurti, They look extremely gorgeous and lighten up the sober look given by kurti


Small Pendant

A small pendant always beautifies the look in any outfit and so kurti is no exception to it. You can prefer wearing small pendants with kurti next time you go to an formal or informal event



Necklace have its own value in context of adding charm to the personality but it can also work as a alternative to pendant. This suits best fir a kurti with a heavy embroidery. Choose the necklace cautiously that will complement your outfit. 

Hoop Earring

Loop/Hoop earrings are one of the trendiest piece of jewelry. These pieces can be worn with any outfit as it gives a modern look with ethnic vibe. It is best to wear for informal events and occasions. 

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