Friendship Day Gift Ideas

One loyal, caring and thoughtful friend is better than a thousand fake ones and this friendship day is the time we can all invest our time and effort in various ways for the best investment of life-friendship. 


To the friend who may or may not have a green thumb, they’ll be able to care for one of many easy-care, low maintenance and effective plants like ‘Snake Plant’ or ‘Money Plant’ which also emits plenty of oxygen. Also, a Hoya Heart is an adorable heart-shaped leaf that will retain its shape for years to come for the Phoebe friend. 


Organisers like ones at amazon are thoughtful and helpful gifts for that Monica in your friends who is obsessed with organising and being neat even with socks! Their eyes will not only shine for the bond but also for their gift which also makes their life easier. 


It truly won’t be as difficult for you as it sounds! You need to quickly gather photos from your favourite times spent together and place them in a book. Write down your favourite memories, inside jokes, and reasons why you like them; be as cheesy and goofy as you can. This will bring out your creative side and serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful days you’ve shared.


Jewellery may be a wonderful gift for that special someone because it stays in our wardrobes for years at a time. The ubiquitous representation of spiritual protection is the evil eye. At the same time, it is stunning and alluring. Along with bringing good fortune into your life, it also protects you from any adversity. Shilpa Mittal’s evil eye bracelet stands for the former!


Nothing is more unique than a present that was crafted by hand! Whatever your level of craft proficiency, there’s something really lovely about the thought of someone sitting down and spending their time and energy on your behalf rather than their money.

It can be something as straightforward as a charming painted t-shirt with their preferred elements like favorite brand logo or emoji! 

From a pop-up greeting card to jewellery, no matter what you gift your friend, it must be from the heart and of course, with sprinkles of creativity. 

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