Markaba Star for healing and balance of life

Markaba Star

The Merkaba star is symbol, composed of two-star tetrahedrons, holds counter-rotating fields of light and energy that surround each person and is believed to be a Divine vehicle designed to connect the spirit and body to higher spheres. This sacred geometric symbol inspires many people to make meaningful jewellery. Whether dangled from a finished chain or attached to a pair of ear wires.

Since Merkaba star has become a source of power and enlightenment, people often use it while meditating.  Early Jewish mysticism cites the Merkabah as the chariot that carried Elijah up to heaven. Ancient Egyptians referred to this primal pattern as Mer-Ka-Ba with “Mer” meaning Light, “Ka” meaning Spirit and “Ba” meaning Body.

There are truly many elements involved that make Merkaba jewelry express rich significance to those that believe. One of the elements involved in this symbol is known as sacred geometry. This term relates to illusion simulation algorithms and Matrix that Unite and manifest all of reality.

Spiritual Awakening         

Ancient times always describe how consciousness is aware of the existing fields of spiritual energy. The mysticism behind Merkaba allows the believers an opportunity to reach higher spiritual energy. Merkaba describes a love-oriented dance between energies of love and light. This religious and spiritual technique will allow you to experience love and bliss.

The Power within the Star Tetrahedron

The Merkaba star is said to be associated with the aura and prana energy field which is related to spiritual growth. Merkaba is the power of the force of life. It exists everywhere in boundless quantities. The Prana acquires entrance to the body through the very top.

Energy and Centeredness

There are so many advantages to bearing the Merkaba symbol. However, the value each person acquires will vary greatly. some find it to be greatly beneficial in improving the stream of energy through the center of the brain that is closest to the pineal gland. indeed, it will improve one’s intuitive abilities because of the transformation using the pineal gland.

Merkaba is dedicated to crafting jewels of exquisite artistry in many cultures. Usually, the unique star presents three unique collections of valuable pieces. The Merkaba Spirit which highlights a superior, vivid finish silver finished pendant necklace, which is offered mostly for casual wear. This pendent neckless is Unisex and makes an excellent gift. The Merkaba body is a remarkable jewellery collection handcrafted by Shilpa Mittal. This unique art collection is usually tailor-made for those who share a passion for the star and go beyond it. Shilpa Mittal’s Merkaba Light jewelry collection features brilliant white and natural fancy colored diamonds.

It is important to experience the self-healing that the star tetrahedron will bring. It will help you conquer everything you face in life. At the same time, it helps keep negetive energy away. Merkaba pendants are certainly a remarkable shield that will help you gain a deeper connection with your higher self.

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