Top picks for Festive Season

Jewellery has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. Traditional jewellery from different parts of India is an integral portion of the people in that area, being of great significance to them. It is this cultural uniqueness which has made Indian jewellery extremely desired across the world. Jewellery is the centre of attraction at any Indian festival. It is believed auspicious to wear Jewellery during festivals and puja ceremonies.

The year 2021 has been long, draining, and exhausting. With the coming festival season, you can soak the coming months in enthusiasm and positivity.

Here are some Top Picks From our Jewellery Designs.

1. Aakriti by Shilpa Mittal

Traditional heavy Precious Polkis & enamelled necklace with earrings. Its heart Intricately captures the sophisticated and elegant paintings of deities and royals in astonishing hand-painted miniatures. Respectfully it is then embedded into a graceful bed of polkis and gold. Let the Polkis dazzle the festival setting around you. The fascinating necklace design spews a bright colour even under a dull light. The best attire to go with it would be an elegant lehenga, bold gown, Indian styled murky wears and more.

2. Amaira Diamond Collection

Diamonds are precious but the process of carving a diamond adds more value to it & makes the diamond even more beautiful. Amaira is one such Diamond jewellery collection. The best part is
that the contrast of the sparkle can be seen in each piece, while the play of negative and positive space makes the jewels appear light and fascinating.
Diamonds, bring with them a promise of togetherness and forever. Be it in the form of a piece of jewellery for your sister, wife or mother; or a diamond ring or watch for your father/brother, diamonds look the best in every form. You can wear them simple or heavy, with traditional wears or western; Diamonds reflect how special you and your relationships are! Let this festive season be special, shine it up with Amaira Diamond Collection.

3. Taraash by Shilpa Mittal

“Taraash” is deeply inspired by the skills involved in carving the Age-old priceless stones and bringing to the light the precious imagination by rigorous hard work.
Taraash celebrates the flawless carving and expression of beauties in our life!
The rich and vibrant look of this necklace design can be paired with dark or light ethnic wears, lehengas, sarees, and long gowns. The matching earrings from Taarash will best complement this necklace look for the traditional attire you’ve picked this festival season. Experience the Indian goodness by matching your attire with the captivating jewellery designs that outshine the best trends known to you.

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