Tips to take proper care of your Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment for many people. Often it has a sentimental value associated with it. So, it becomes important to take utmost care of the jewelry. If you notice your jewelry collection occasionally you will notice it is getting tarnished or plain grimy.
In such a scenario taking care of your jewelry becomes a very vital task. Now, the main question is how to take care of the jewelry to keep it clean?. Some care and attention is the short answer but what about the tips for the same. Today, we bring you some quick and easy tips to take care of your jewelry. These tips will help you prevent it from tarnishing scratches and dullness.

1) Keep it away from wood: There are some dos and don’ts to take care of the jewelry. The most important thing you should avoid is to keep it on wood or chemically treated surfaces. These kinds of surfaces can stain or speed up the tarnishing process.


2) Store your jewelry carefully: Storing jewelry becomes important for its care. Humid places should be avoided for keeping the jewelry. Especially, keeping it in bathroom must be strictly avoided. Humidity will grow tarnish rapidly. If you are living in a humid environment, special care must be undertaken.

Another thing it should be also placed away from free-flowing air. It will help you in slowing down the tarnish. A Zip lock bag is the best storage solution. Put it in the bag and take out all the air before sealing the bag. You can also keep it in a pouch or small jewelry.

3) Use chalk for silver: It might sound unbelievable for some, but yes chalk does keep silver from tarnishing. You can always keep chalk in the bag you are keeping the silver jewelry. It absorbs sulfur and moisture. If you find this option is not suitable for your jewelry, you can try dehumidifiers and silica packs.

4) Avoid exposing it to sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause immense harm to the jewelry. It causes discoloration and dullness to the jewelry. Ultraviolet can cause structural damages to your piece. It can cause fast deterioration and distort the color of the jewelry. Storing the jewelry in a cool and dry place is the best solution to avoid this from happening.

5) Use anti-tarnish cloth: Anti-tarnish provides a good solution to any jewelry. There are many anti tarnish clothes in the market. At the end of day, you should wipe your jewelry with these clothes. It will help you make sure any moisture, dust, oil are gone.

6) Don’t use toothpaste: Some people might use toothpaste as a home remedy on jewelry. But it’s a big no no. It can damage your jewelry. Toothpaste can cause damage scratch to your gold and silver jewelry.

Also, the toothpaste should not be applied for pearls. Toothpaste can react with the calcium content and deteriorate the pearl.

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