Jewellery Style Tips

Every woman likes to have a versatile jewelry collection packed in a jam-packed jewelry boxes. It is collected passionately throughout the years. Furthermore, your impression can have a positive effect with what you wear. Thus, it becomes important to choose a jewelry which will suit with yourself and your wardrobe. Sometimes, it might happen that you open your box of jewelry collection and there are lots of options.

This might give birth to confusion. Every piece might seem to with your outfit or none of them seems to give that dazzling look to your personality. This confusion might arise several questions like what to start with?. Today, we have some jewelry style tips to help you choose the jewelry you can wear. These tips will help you choose the correct jewelry which will give you a dazzling look.

Wearing in layers:

Layering is a practice in fashion. It is a trend in today’s fashion industry. Layering necklaces, rings or even bracelets are fun. These layers also add an element of creativity. Layered jewellery will create an impact while the move will be good. For example, you can wear layering bracelets or bangles. You can go for various colours, textures, styles etc. But, the important thing is to choose a combination of layered jewellery which will give you a charming look.

Earrings are to be chosen carefully:

When you are having a conversation with someone, earrings fall in the field of vision for that person. Also, it draws attention to your face and hair. So, always choose the earring which suits your skin tone, outfit, face and hair. Talking about the selection of earrings based on hair, go for medium-sized pair if you have short hair. In case you have long thick hair, also choose earrings opposite to the features of the face.

Don’t overdo it:

If you are wearing too much of jewelry going to the various occasion, you might have to rethink. Are you doing it too much?. Sometimes to make your look more and more attractive you might wear more jewelry than required. For example, if you are wearing layered necklaces you can avoid armful of bangles. To take care of this always take a look at yourself in the mirror and ensure that you haven’t overdone it.

Matching it with the outfit:

Your outfit and accessories you wear go hand in hand. These two things give a fashion statement about yourself. Before you select your dress going out, always think about what accessory you would want to wear the most. It can be also reversed. You can first choose the outfit and then select the jewelry suitable for it. Either way works but you might get a stylish and trendy look spending some time selecting the outfit and jewelry.

Decide the focal point:

While you wear jewelry first decide where you want people’s gaze to be directed. It can be anyone body i.e neck, hand, ears etc. You should always focus wearing more jewelry on one body part which is your focal point.

For example It you are wearing a bold necklace you must go for subtle earrings or bracelet. Also, if you want to draw attention to your wrists go for some pretty bracelet and wear minimal pendants or necklace.

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