Shilpa Mittal, a celebrity jewellery designer, an entrepreneur and a fashion diva….
A decorated Graduate in Economics, also being the President of her college was awarded shield by Shanti Dhariwal, Urban Development Minister of Rajasthan for her academic achievements. She holds a degree in Jewellery Designing from SNDT, Mumbai and furthered her learning and skills by undergoing training at a Jewellery manufacturing firm, Bangkok.

 My Awards and Accolades:

Shilpa’s designs wooed the hearts of its customers and attracted a lot of positive attention from the get-go.  Her creative designs also conferred her with many prestigious awards.
In 2019, India Leadership Awards bestowed her with two eminent awards “India’s Best Jewellery Designer” and “Businesswomen Award.”
Her efforts also bagged her the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” by National Excellence award.
Art and Artisans
 My love and appreciation for India’s abundant heritage and art is my ultimate motivation to create what I create. It also infuses me with an energy to revive and relive it through my designs.  She has very well portrayed her vision with her especial designs in “TARAASH” and “AAKRITI” the two very different collections, furthering the designer’s tenacious connection with ethnicity, tradition and values.
She aspires to exhibit this authentic Indian art on to the world stage. She also acknowledges a deep sense of gratitude for the Karigars (artisans) and their Karikari.
” Taking these native Indian products to a global platform will open up more
 opportunities, motivate and provide sustenance to the artisans”, says Shilpa.
 Born from the soul, nourished from heart and molded with perfection comes each
priceless piece of Shilpa’s jewelry collection. She makes use of precious elements so
that each piece holds its value for eternity just like memories created with them.
Quality and integrity of work is most essential to her so that every piece she creates come to be a priceless possession of its owner.
“We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service and distinguish
our jewelry as a collaboration between “US “- me and you, the customers.
 A collection that draws inspiration from an age-old, traditional technique of carving on stone and hence
the name “TARAASH” .
Carving is a dateless craft,  it is as old as the civilization itself. Taraash encompasses this delicate skill on priceless stones ingrained in metal with acumen, to spawn out beautiful jewels that’s abreast with contemporary fashion and high designs.
 From an ancient art to timeless Jewelry and in between lies the journey of our award-winning collection “AAKRITI”
Small can be surreal and Miniature Art is the intrinsic spirit of this collection.  The synthesis of this indigenous art with the praxis of royal lifestyles, religious and other folklore inspired a captivating array of exquisite jewelry. It is such a specialized level of craftsmanship that each design is a rarity in itself and cannot be recreated.
Set in 22carte gold with miniature illustrations on crafted Ivory plates, beaded in precious gemstones accentuated by diamonds/polki, every piece is meticulously handcrafted to splendor.
“Its uniqueness, beauty and the culture it brings forth is special, uncommon  and in times to come it will not be available because these artisans are almost nowhere to be found ” , says Shilpa.